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Meet the People who are

the Heart on this Platform

Meet the dedicated Team of Professionals – Passionate about reshaping Employment.

With a perfect blend of Technology and a Human Touch, SkillSpotterZ optimizes the Employment Experience and connects to bring quality Active and Passive Talent closer to you.

Biljana Dimitrievska

Founder and Recruiting Specialist

As an experienced US Recruiter, I am dedicated to transforming Talent Acquisition by prioritizing a personalized approach to every search and connection. My passion for helping both Talent and Employers led me to create SkillSpotterZ—a Platform offering not only direct local recruiting services but also global access to Talent. SkillSpotterZ serves as a hub for Businesses/Individuals to connect with top-tier Freelancers, Contractors, and Virtual Assistants Worldwide, fostering diversity, innovation, and cost-efficiency. This Global Hiring Solution not only benefits employers by saving on Overhead costs but also provides opportunities for Talent from low-economy Countries to access fair-paid Jobs and work remotely. I believe in building meaningful Client-Talent relationships, which is why I maintain a small Team and personally oversee talent searches, prioritizing Human interaction over Automation. This approach enables me to provide high-quality services to Clients at reasonable rates, surpassing what larger teams would require for similar results. With expertise in Recruiting for Industries such as Marketing & Advertising, Financial & Professional Services, Technology, Hospitality & Tourism, Telecommunications, Transport & Logistics, and HR & Staffing, my goal is to facilitate long-lasting connections for your success!

Natasha Dimitrievska

Talent and Lead Specialist

Introducing Natasha, our esteemed Lead Specialist and Top Talent at SkillSpotterZ. With a strong background in English Teaching and professional Translation, Natasha possesses exceptional skills in Skill Assessment and excels in Communication relations. She effortlessly bridges language barriers, ensuring the perfect match between Talent and Opportunities. We trust Natasha to drive our and your Business’s success through effective Talent Acquisition and fostering strong Relationships.

about us

What We Do

At SkillSpotterZ, we are dedicated to bridging the gap between Technology and Human potential. Our Mission is to empower individuals to thrive in the digital era by connecting Employers with a vast pool of Talented Professionals. We break down borders and provide easy access to Talent from anywhere, at any time, and for any reason.

Why We Do It

Our Mission is to bring Opportunities to your doorstep and beyond. By unlocking Diversity and embracing Innovation from around the Globe we contribute to the growth of your Business and Finances. Where simultaneously, our Clients and Employers are empowering individuals Worldwide to find meaningful Jobs and earn fair Incomes without the need to uproot their lives or leave their families behind due to economic hardships that are happening in those regions.
Together, we can foster growth, make a positive impact, and redefine Employment possibilities for all.