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What we do.

Contingency Recruiting.
Excelling in entry to mid-level positions across the U.S., we offer contingency recruiting to meet your hiring needs.
Our expertise spans various industries, including Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Marketing, Education, and more.

Global Talent Database.
Post a Job, Browse, Search, and Message Global Talent.
We provide fast access to vetted remote Talent worldwide, allowing you to connect and hire them on your own payment and hiring terms.

Fast Global Match Service.

Save time by letting our Recruiters handle the search for you.
With our expertise in sourcing, we ensure precise matches with Talent that meets your specific needs.

Our Approach.

What sets us apart from Job Boards and Recruiting Agencies is our dedicated small Team and commitment to:

Personalized Sourcing Strategies.
We customize or sourcing strategies to align with individuals’ Company Culture, Goals, Needs, and Assets.
No automation is involved – we personally invite Talent that meets our standards.

Thorough Assessments.
We conduct strong Skill Assessments, Interviews, Reference Checks to recognize the right Talent for a lasting match.

Affordable Pricing.

We offer approachable pricing for all Business sizes and Individuals, ensuring our services are accessible to everyone.



What our Clients are saying

Emilia Global Accountants Firm

We struggled to find qualified candidates for our business and have yet to find them fast. However, after using SkillSpotterZ, we were amazed at the quality and diversity of Remote Talent available. The platform's recruitment services helped us define what we needed and then connected us with top-notch professionals. It's a must-have resource for any Business looking to find exceptional talent.

Wheels on Road
Dragan Wheels on Road

The comprehensive assessments conducted by SkillSpotterZ ensured we hired the right Exsecutive Assistant. Their skill assessments, interview, and reference check were thorough and gave us confidence in our hiring decisions. We've seen remarkable results and the the candidate is still with us a year and a half later.

Minimal initial brand logo
Kire West Logistics

We needed to expand our team quickly without increasing overhead costs. SkillSpotterZ sourced us few workers from Eastern Europe and they matched perfectly with our expansion plan. The process was fast, and the candidates were exceptional

Nino Sunny Mortgage

We stared our journey with SkillSpotterZ’s PRO package for our Freelance needs and then within a month got their Recurting Service to connect us with Local US Talent. They are resourceful, fast and their network seems pretty large, we don’t need any other platform now as we found our all in one place!

Ana Freelancer

I've been a freelancer for years, and finding long-term clients was always a challenge. This platform changed everything. Once they invited me to join, I was surprised by how personalized their entire process is. I was able to apply for several high-paying gigs, and at the same time, their recruiter was personally connecting me with jobs. Thank you, SkillSpotterZ!

Mateo Virtual Assistant

Using this platform was a game-changer for me. As a Remote Job Seeker from Argentina, I was able to apply to jobs easily and got called for interviews almost immediately! The platform is user-friendly interface and has wide range of job listings making the search effortless. I highly recommend it to anyone looking to find a job or carrier.

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